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Pan India Travel Studio aims at providing innovative Architectural design training outside the realm of formal institutions, by bringing together eminent professionals and committed students. Students travel to mentor's work place, in varying geographical contexts, and become active participants in their methodology.

The diverse mix of participants will experience in rapid succession, a series of short immersive design excercises. Aking to a quick pit stop in a fast moving race, what emerges is a rigorous four week long Architectural design studio, kept well-oiled with a system of inbuilt checks through constant peer reviews.

It reaffirms the view that academics today should not be limited by constraints of time, logistics of place and demographic divides. 

PITStudio was mentored by Mona Doctor Pingel, Pratyush Shankar and Gurjit Singh Matharoo in Auroville, Leh and Udaipur, culminating with the master jury. 

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