Past Workshops

Archival Data 

#1 Writing Urban History

Citylabs | Dec 2018

“Writing Urban History” was an intense, 5-day workshop for learning how to conceptualise and narrate the historical evolution of Indian cities. During this workshop, participants were given theoretical inputs on key urban theories and were taught techniques they can use to create a framework for narrating urban histories of their cities. The focus was however remain in narrating the evolution of Urban Form.


#3 Portugese Colonial Urbanism

Citylabs | Dec 2019

The workshop was an intense five days of field work and hands on conceptualization that will be conducted in Goa. The French, Dutch,
Portuguese and British established colonial cities in Indian subcontinent. This period lasted for hundreds of years and was marked by
specific ideas of urban development that reflected different colonial intents.


Slicing Kathmandu

CEPT SWS | 2014

This workshop was conducted as a part of the Summer-Winte School organised by CEPT University in 2014.

#2 Public Open Spaces

Citylabs | June 2019

The workshop was be conducted at Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur; the three medieval era cities in Nepal in Kathmandu valley with the
objective of analysing the nature of Public open spaces in these urban centres.


At the Edge of Time 

Citylabs | April 2020

In the time of a global Pandemic where most of us are maintaining social distance and at staying at home we decided to use this time of lockdown to get our able colleagues to visualize a new world post pandemic. They will make you think and question the world we live in. Hope you enjoy these visualizations.

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